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MOI celebrates International Children's Day

Image 21 Nov 2016

The Higher Committee for Child Protectionat the Ministry of Interior (MoI) marked the International Children's Day by organizing three workshops in collaboration with the Family Development Foundation (FDF), on the Ministry's efforts in child protection and on Wadeema's law.

The workshops, organized by the Ministry of Interior's Child Protection Center (CPC), were held at the FDF's centers in Al Sila, Al Shahama and Swaihan.

The Ministry of Interior stressed its commitment to improving its efforts in line with the best international practices and in cooperation with other stakeholders, under the umbrella of the Higher Committee of Child Protection which plays a vital role to ensure child safety.

Workers in the field of child protection cannot completely end child abuse, a thing which emphasizes the importance of preventive measures and joint cooperation of all institutions and community members, in enhancing child protection.

The workshops revealed that 6 out 10 children aged 2- 14 years, globally, are physically punished by their consistent caregivers. Atleast one out of 3 children aged 13 - 15 are regularly bullied worldwide.

Workshops also urged for cooperation to report cases of child abuse by calling toll-free (116111) hotline.

For his part, Major General Dr. Nasser Lakhrerbani Al Nuaimi,Secretary General of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior stated that crimes of child sexual online exploitation are growing across the world, indicating that the Ministry of Interior is the main body assuming the responsibility of preventing, detecting, and investigating crimes involving child abuse and sexual online exportation.

He noted that the UAE is keen on boosting efforts to enhance preventive measures through launching appropriateinitiatives, adding that child safety is a top priority for the higher leadership, and that the UAE community has become more aware of child protection issues.

In a statement on this occasion, the Ministry of Interior’s child protection center (CPC) stressed that though the internet can undeniably be a useful tool for children, but it might be very dangerous for them in terms of gaining access to offensive contents or connecting with adults and strangers.

The statement indicated that the Child Protection Center offers immediate advice and support and will take necessary action in this respect. The hotline is the first point of contact with the society to report any suspected cases of child abuse and neglect, to ensure safety of all children across the UAE.