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The periodic meeting of the Virtual Global Taskforce

Image 14 Jun 2020

The periodic meeting of the Virtual Global Taskforce Board of Management was held remotely on Thursday, 7 May 2020, where the most prominent efforts and challenges of online child sexual abuse and exploitation were discussed.

The issues discussed included developing the means of collecting information in cases of child abuse, and smart systems that Member States are working to implement in order to link the various law enforcement authorities in order to determine the patterns of movement of the perpetrators against children in their travel between countries, and what the necessary measures are to deal with transnational crimes against children.

International patterns of criminal activity that have recently spread due to the Corona pandemic, which were observed both at the level of member states, were also discussed during the meeting. The most prominent of which was the increase in the number of reports of Child Abuse Materials, and the increase in the percentage of self-produced content, in addition to the increasing activity of suspects on the dark web within the groups that concern the production, publication and circulation of Child Abuse Materials.

The meeting ended with the Board Members acknowledging that there is a huge focus on Covid-19 pandemic taking attention away the prevention and awareness initiatives of protecting children from being abused and exploited online. Countries should increase efforts around the world for these crimes, as perpetrators are using modern technologies to interact with victims, avoid detection and in result avoid prosecution and penalties.