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Dear parents,

We would like to share the following advices for the sake of our children protection . 

•  Teach your children the difference between good touch and bad touch, with the importance of informing you if anyone acts inappropriately.  

 Be aware that most of the time parents think that beating a child will quickly fix the problem to address behavioral issues, when in fact it does the opposite and teaches the child that hitting is acceptable.

 Make your children aware of their intimate parts. Teach them to say no if someone touches them and makes them uncomfortable.

 Explain to your child the ways of grooming for sexual exploitation that may include befriending by an abuser, treating them in a special way, allowing them to drink alcohol or taking drugs, encouraging them to stay away from school or home.

 Your responsibility as a parent is to keep your children safe from physical and emotional harm; as well as teaching them the skills to help protect themselves.

 Teach your children not to be alone with a stranger in place.

 Teach your children not to accept any gifts from strangers if they are not with an adult.

 Be aware that, if you do not show love and affection to your children, it increases the likelihood that they will seek it elsewhere, making them more vulnerable to abuse.

 Children can’t cross the roads safely on their own until they have been taught how to react to traffic situations.

 Teach your child to get in and out of the car on the safe side (pavement/sidewalk) to avoid dangers from passing vehicles.

 Teach your children the basics of crossing using the “Stop, Look, Listen and Act” approach to crossing the road.

 Ensure that your children start wearing a helmet at an early stage. Ensure it worn properly as it can greatly reduce the risk of head injuries.

 Teach your children to fast their seatbelts for their safety.

 Teach your children who are under 10 that should sit in the backseat, infants, and younger children in age appropriate car seats.

 Make sure your vehicle windows and doors are locked. Always remember that children should never be left alone in a car.

 Be aware that, child car seats are essential from birth as they keep your child secure in case of a sudden stop or crash.

 Be aware that, the right use of a child's safety seat increases a child's safety in a vehicle.

 Teach your children that, it is dangerous to hang any body part outside the vehicle window or the sunroof.

 Inform your children that it is safer to cross at a pedestrian crossing or a crossing patrol.

 Never leave a child unattended in a car even for a few minutes.

 •Be aware that, according to World Health Organization, child car restraints reduce the likelihood of injuries in case of a fatal crash by approximately 70% among infants and between 54% and 80% among young children.

 Teach your children give enough space between them and bus; to ensure their safety during getting on & of the bus.