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lecture (Digital security and the dangers of electronic games and ways to confront them)

Image 21 Mar 2022

The Ministry of Interior Child Protection Center, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, organized a lecture at Al-Ata' School in Al Ain, lecture entitled (Digital security and the dangers of electronic games and ways to confront them).

 The lecture targeted female students from the sixth to eleventh grades, in the presence of a number of educational and administrative staff, and the number of attendees and targets was reached 60 persons.

The dangers resulting from the improper use of the Internet by child stalkers have been defined, warning against the wrong use of the Internet and not sharing personal information to strangers, warning against participating in dangerous electronic games that promote violence between children and adolescents, and inflict severe damage to its users, especially children, who have reached to the point of committing suicide through hypothetical instructions that affect them, beside the importance of family control over positive Internet use and electronic games that suit each age group was emphasized.

During the lecture, the Head of the Prevention, Awareness and Guidance Section presented the means of communication provided by the Ministry of Interior’s Child Protection Center through the smart child protection system, including the smart phone application (My Protection), which was considered the first comprehensive application for children’s reports in the world, and the child protection hotline on the number 116111, which is A free line for receiving children's reports, and electronic reporting, which is submitting a child abuse report online, or a neglect violence, through the center's website. www.moi-cpc.gov.ae.

The lecture was characterized by a great interaction from the students and the teaching staff. An awareness brochures and symbolic gifts were distributed to the students.

At the end, the Director of Al-Atta School handed certificates of thanks and appreciation to the Child Protection Center for their important role in awareness and guidance areas.