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Image 29 Sep 2023
The Ministry of Interior’s Center for Child Protection, in collaboration with the Municipal Presence Center - Mohammed bin Zayed City, recently engaged in educational workshops titled "Bullying and Reporting Methods." The sessions aimed to foster awareness among students and underscore the importance of cultivating a secure and wholesome school environment.
They were conducted in the presence of various educational and administrative staff of Abu Dhabi International Private School. Specialists from the center's team conducted these awareness workshops, delving into strategies for personal protection and effective measures for addressing bullying incidents. Additionally, the workshops introduced the reporting channels available through the center's smart child protection system.
The workshops were marked by active participation from both male and female students, as well as educational staff members. Participants were provided with informative brochures and meaningful tokens of appreciation.
This initiative is part of the broader "Back to School" campaign, which seeks to bolster awareness initiatives and promote a culture of safety and prevention within educational institutions.