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MOI Rolls Out Integrated Child Protection Strategy In Geneva

Image 09 May 2023

On May 9, 2023, during the universal periodic review session of the human rights report at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, the Ministry of the Interior unveiled its new strategy for child protection. The discussion session was attended by representatives from various international organisations, including public benefit institutions and international police bodies.

The Ministry's strategy aims to reinforce the country's efforts to safeguard children and enhance the system for their protection. To achieve this goal, the Ministry will develop and launch methodologies, work programs, supportive policies, and legislation that are up-to-date with the latest challenges in the field. This initiative builds on the state's previous successes and its commitment to ensuring a safe and secure childhood for all children.

The child protection strategy comprises four main elements and six strategic objectives. The elements are comprehensive and integrated to ensure the protection of children. One of the primary objectives is to empower children and ensure their right to live within cohesive families that provide them with optimal care and protect them from harm. Another objective is to build effective community and institutional partnerships inside and outside the country to ensure that the community is involved in child protection efforts. This approach will help create a safe and cohesive society that protects children, supports their upbringing, and guarantees all their rights.